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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cleaning Tips

Hello glad you came by for a visit. Here are a few cleaning tips that I hope you find useful.
To help keep drains clear at my house I place a 1/4 cp of baking soda at sink/tub drain or in toilet bowl then add 1 cup of vinegar which causes some sizzle and bubbles (this is kind of neat) wait about 5 minutes then rinse what's remaining down the drain with hot water. Most times I notice that the water moves more freely immediately. This treatment works well on greasy type buildup but not on hair clogs. To help keep hair clogs from occurring I use a drain strainer that a found one day while shopping. It's a pretty neat gadget that catches hair etc.. I just discard any items caught in strainer.
Another baking soda tip is to sprinkle some on carpet, wait 30 minutes then vacuum up. This helps the area smell fresh. It's cheaper than store bought carpet fresheners and doesn't have a perfume odor.
If you drink a lot of tea and use the same pot and pitcher you might notice a brown stain left behind by the tea. Take a small amount of bleach and rub down the stained item, The stain will magically disappear. Then wash with dish soap to remove the bleach.
Happy cleaning.  :)

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  1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by, I'm now your newest follower. Great cleaning tips by the way. I love that the drain unclogger is a more natural alternative than what's out in the market.