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Monday, September 12, 2011


When my son was a baby he would have to take breathing treatments in the spring time due to an asthmatic allergic reaction to all that blooms here in Tennessee. My pediatrician was hopeful that he would grow out of it. Unfortunately he didn't. When he was in the third grade he loved to play baseball .As we all know baseball is  played OUTSIDE in the SPRINGTIME. I can remember all the parents at the ballgames looking at me as if I was a terrible parent due to his pale skin, dark circles under his eyes and loud barking cough. He was hardly able to run the bases. I think they believed I wasn't caring for him. I took him numerous times to the doctor who put him on several different allergy medicines. The medicines eased the symptoms but didn't give him much relief.  The evening baseball games caused his symptoms to worsen. At one point I wasn't sure that he would be able to play outside during the spring.
While I was working at a chiropractors office 4 years ago I asked, one of the doctors, Dr. Jennifer Rousseau if she thought getting my son adjustments would help alleviate his symptoms. She was certain that it would help but to what extent we would just have to try it and see. So at that point I was desperate to get him some type of relief. I wanted so much for him to be able to rest at night and to play outside during the day.
I made him an appointment and scheduled his follow up visit for the actual adjustment and honestly I was a little skeptical that it would do any good. I am so glad that I went ahead and gave it a try. He responded well.
After the first adjustment my son's cough had almost completely disappeared. I was astonished at how quickly he received relief.
Now my son is 11 years old and is able to play outside all year long. In the springtime he has to have more adjustments, about every two weeks for about 2-3 months, and the remainder of the year about once a month. It has been wonderful to see him go from a frail sickly looking child to a thriving young tween. I am so thankful to have discovered the value of chiropractic care.At one time in my life I thought that chiropractors only helped with back issues. Now I know differently. I on occasion suffer from migraines and vertigo. It is amazing how having adjustments ease the pain from the migraines and how adjustments remove the severe dizziness caused by the vertigo. My whole family receives chiropractic care now and seem to be healthier.
I hope that this might help someone else who might have a similar story. What better way to take care of your body than to help it mend itself?
If you live in or near Franklin Tn consider visiting Dr. Jennifer Rousseau . I'm glad that I did.

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