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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The following is a list of household tips I am wanting to try out and some that are already in my cleaning arsenal:

   Line vegetable drawers to keep them dry and odor free.
   Place in wet shoes to absorb the moisture. Replace with new paper when the old is damp.
Olive Oil

       A few drops on nail beds moisturizes the cuticles .
       A few warm drops placed in ears help ease pain from swimmers ear  

Dryer Sheets

  Rub along furniture or floors to remove pet hair.
  My daughter puts a dryer sheet in her running shoes to help with the odor.
 Hope these are of use to you. I 'd love to hear about your household cleaning tips.

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  1. My daughter and I run a dryer sheet over our overly static-y hair in the winter to help with frizzies, and it makes it smell great too. Lol.

    Leah W.
    new friend from Closer to Lucy
    thought I'd say hi