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Monday, January 9, 2012

Menu Monday

A week's worth of menus.

 Corn Chowder
40 minute whole wheat rolls
I discovered this recipe from Coupons Are Great it looks good and EASY a great combo for my Mondays that I spend catching up from weekends..I think the chowder would pair nicely with some wheat rolls. There are some great looking ones at  Lynn's Kitchen Adventures only 40 minutes and the picture of the finished product looks really good. 

Dinner 2
 veggie omelet 
Some toast and some mixed fruit combined with yogurt is sure to hit the spot.

Dinner 3
Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce the recipe makes quite a bit so I plan on freezing what I don't use to use at a later date.
garlic toast

Dinner 4
Baked potatoes with various toppers like
Cheesy Tater  think I will steam some broccoli to go along with this.
For those in my family that aren't broccoli eaters I will fix some Chili Cheese 

Dinner 5
It's soup night. One of my husbands favorite soups is tortilla and I think it would make for a great surprise if I fixed some for him :-)

Dinner 6
Taco Salad  served on a platter would be a nice change of pace

Dinner 7
Homemade pizzas made with Dinner 3 marinara sauce 
carrots/celery with ranch will complete the week quite nicely. 


  1. Nice choices, I think I will adopt several of these for the next couple of meals. Thanks!
    New follower to your blog.

  2. Loving your menu! I got to check out those 40 minute rolls.

  3. Thanks for following Mommy Time Out