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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Consignment Sale

I really enjoy consignment sales. The opportunity to buy quality products at a reduced price is so enticing to me. There is a rather large sale open to the public starting today in Franklin Tn. I will definitely be there with bells on. I can't wait to see the fall/winter selection. The sale combines children/adult clothing, and household goods. I have recently changed my eating habits and need some kitchen appliances like juicer,hand blender,bread machine, etc. and I hope to find some great deals on these type of items. Riley, my 11 year old son, loves a good bargain also and will be going along in the hopes of finding some video games and books. I'm sure he will not be disappointed. Later this evening I will post pictures and details of our shopping trip. If you are in the Franklin Tn area you should check it out.   I may go back on Friday or Saturday for their half off sale. That is well worth the extra trip as well.                                                                                       The link is:
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No deals so no pictures to post.

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